Reading List

I read.  A lot. A fuck load. I had to stop buying books because I had no place to put them and could support a smallish country for a number of years with the cost. Books are not cheap. But then I started going to the library regularly. Now I read a double fuck load.

I also tend to keep lists of what I read. I’ve done this off and on for several years. I don’t know why. The vaguely OCD part of my brain, I suppose. Yes, blame it on the brain, every chance I get. I also think it’s funny the, um, eclectic mix of books I find on my lists when I go back to look. And if you can’t amuse yourself in life, why bother?

And in that spirit, I share my lists with the world, all, what, five of you who might be reading this. Comments are off on the lists themselves but will be on on this page.





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