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Absolutely, Positively True Stories: Have you ever wondered why languages exist, how fire was discovered or how the sun and the moon came to be where they are? Well, wonder no more! In these 31 tales, Raven and his friends tell it like it is, and it’s all true — they swear! $9.90 + s/h; download for free (.pdf)

Communication: 30 poems written in 30 days in celebration of National Poetry Month, April 2010. $7.25 + s/h; download for free (.pdf)

Gunslinger Yuuta and the White Raven: Mizuhara Yuuta has always wanted to join the law enforcement group known as the Guns of Phoenix, and though his skill with guns is great, he has always been turned down. After he witnesses a heinous crime that begins a plot to destroy the Guns from the inside out, Yuuta runs for his life and is given shelter by a pair of mysterious vigilantes known as the White Raven and his shadow. They agree to help Yuuta stop the plot, and Yuuta finally gets his guns. But the cost may be higher than he’s willing to pay. $10.07 + s/h; download for free (.pdf)

The Immortal Guns of Talon Konstantine: On the harsh desert planet of Phoenix, two psychic bounty hunters named Jynx and Kaine are on the trail of Hara Michiyo — another extraordinary psychic who may hold the key to healing Kaine’s heart, which might fail for the last time if he gets another vision. There’s just one problem: Michiyo’s time on the Shaman Rail Line has corrupted her mind — and her insanity might not doom only Kaine, but the entirety of Phoenix itself. $11.46 + s/h; download for free (.pdf)

Patient Zero: Dr. Neil Coburn is a talented virologist who has helped create cancer vaccines and has taken much of the mystery out the nature of viruses. But when he fails to save his twin sister from a fatal, unknown virus, he commits suicide and gets a second chance at life as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Life as a demon isn’t all that satisfying, so when the Archangel of Passages offers redemption, Plague has a decision to make. $9.68 + s/h; download for free (.pdf)

City of Rain: Ten poems by Eliot Montoya, a fictional character living in the fictional city of Pale. These poems are about events shortly before, during and shortly after the short story With No Announcement, which appeared in the Piker Press on 3/28/11. $8.61 + s/h; download for free (.pdf)

Oneiric Orienteering: Another 30 poems in 30 project celebrating 2011’s National Poetry Month. $9.23 + s/h; download for free (.pdf)