Vacation #4 & #5

Finally got out to walk/take pictures yesterday.  It was a nice day for it.  Came back with some decent shots, although I was a bit disappointed with Pullen Park.  It’s so man-made and thus not terribly interesting to me.  Oh well.  I had planned on hitting a second spot yesterday, but by the time I was done at Pullen, I was hungry and not in the mood to try to find the place I had in mind as it seems to be located in a sort of dead zone that I’ve managed to go around before but not in.  There are a lot of little parks like that up near Cameron Village.  I can find them easy enough but can’t find my way into them.

Today I think will be a mostly inside day.  I should do some of that cleaning and shit I’ve been needing to do.  Today’s my last actual vacation day, so I’m a bit down that I’ll have to go back to work eventually.  But I’ve got a three day weekend.  So there’s that.