Vacation #1

Started off my vacation with a massage this morning.  Definitely a good thing.  Except that I am a bit sore because excavating the stones in my shoulders and neck is not exactly gentle work.  Still.  I feel better, tension wise, than I have in a very long time.  I hope to make massage a regular thing, maybe not monthly but at least every other month.  Less physical tension is a good thing.

The waiting room is not called a waiting room at the spa.  Rather it is a tranquility room.  Low light, comfy chairs, annoying new agey music (seriously, I would be more relaxed listening to Eminem or Metallica).  There were three other people in this room when I got there.  All of them were glued to their phones, which seemed anathema to the idea of a tranquility room, but it amused me.  I wonder how those folks made it through a session without their phones in their hands.  Where is the EMP that will kill the power grid and force people to acknowledge the existence of others???

I went to the grocery store afterwards to get a few things to get me through the week, and it’s a very damn good thing I had the massage first.  It wasn’t my normal grocery store, which at one in the afternoon would have been pretty empty.  This one was busy and full of horrible oblivious people.  I was relaxed enough that I simply marveled at the awfulness rather than letting it get me all wound up.  It didn’t help that the aisles were pretty narrow.  But it was still awful.  Not a single person in that store seemed to realize they weren’t the only ones trying to get groceries.  I could have been in at least five grocery cart collisions had I not been paying attention.  One day maybe I’ll get the hang of being too wrapped up in myself to be courteous to others.

Made homemade soup once I got home.  It’s one of those easy things I can’t really fuck up, so I actually like making it.  Beef stock, veggie stock, ground beef, various veggies (potatoes, carrots, corn, onion for me), season to taste and done.  I used to make it with tomatoes as well since a more traditional beef/veggie soup relies on tomatoes, but I hate tomatoes, so I’ve ditched them in favor of the veggie stock, and it tastes so much better.  It’ll be tomorrow’s lunch, too, since I don’t have to share.

Today’s writing has been … nearly non-existent.  Page and half or so of babble on the demon hunter story and that’s it.  Meant to do more work on a more or less done project but was sleepy and distracted by the internet for a bit.  There’s always the rest of the week for that.  Plus all the other bazillion things I want to do.

Tomorrow, I hope to get out with my camera.  Wednesday will be museum day.  Thursday and Friday are more or less open but will hopefully contain getting out of the house in some fashion.  Unless of course, I succumb to inertia, but that’s okay, too.  What’s most important is that I’m not at work!