Back on the Air

At long last!  I have a real computer again.  Repairs to my previous Mac were more than the system was worth, so it had to get junked out, which means, I got a shiny new one.  It’s not the same model; I think a new model came out three months after I bought the first one, so this is one of those.  The difference?  A slightly more powerful processor and a better graphics card.  Noticeable?  Not really.

Of course, it was something of an ordeal to get the damn thing.  Geek Squad dude wasn’t entirely sure what to do (new system store-wide; everyone was confused).  Then poor computer sales kid was new.  There were only three guys in the computer area and about three times as many people needing attention.  New kid wasn’t entirely sure how to process the exchanged, and the other dudes weren’t really able to help him.  Kudos to new kid, however; he was very polite, very attentive and got shit handled eventually.  Most people are assholes in situations like that, but I can’t get upset about it.  I wasn’t in retail for long, but it was long enough.  Shit happens.  New kid has to learn somehow, and being an asshole isn’t gonna help.  So I chatted and joked with him and made sure he knew how much I appreciated his help.  Not that I wasn’t frustrated.  I was.  And hungry and tired.  I went up there right after work.  I wanted to get dinner, go home, put on pajamas and curl up somewhere, but really, taking my frustration out on a kid who’s doing his best to learn and do his job right would have only made matter worse.  There was plenty of snarling and growling once I got home.  Had to get it out somehow.

I was too tired to figure out how to restore all my stuff to the new Mac last night, but I did that this morning.  It’s all there, kinda like nothing happened.  But then …

The fucking coffee maker didn’t work this morning!

Fortunately, I still have two much older ones that still work.  I just don’t use them because there’s no need for a full pot of coffee when I’m the only drinking it.  So I did get coffee this morning, but we decided to go out and get me a new single cup coffee maker.  I needed to swing by the post office anyway to pick up my latest Amazon order–a silicon keyboard cover and a hard plastic shell.  I wasn’t terribly keen on using the new Mac without at least the keyboard cover.  Why I never picked one up before, I have no idea.

Oh wait, I do know.  Because I never try to drown my electronics.  Right?  Sure, right.

A new coffee maker was purchased and is ready for Sunday morning.

Now I return you to my regularly scheduled schedule of irregular blogging.


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