Honestly, I need to get myself better informed about what these two bills propose to do before I say anything.  Right now, I’m just exercising that knee jerk reaction of fuck censorship.  The reality isn’t that cut and dry.  It never is, but censorship is one of the two political/cultural/social issues I’m passionate about.

On the one hand, internet piracy is not a good thing, and copyright laws only go so far.  I don’t think legislating to prevent piracy is going to help.  The policies will have to be enforced consistently, and how to you police something as vast and anonymous as the internet?  More than likely by chipping away at freedom and privacy.  We’ve got enough of that in the real world.  Pirates will find ways to steal if that’s what they want to do.  And they do because the costs of music and movies can be prohibitive.  To some.  Personally, I’m willing and able to pay for my entertainment.  I want the artists that I like to keep making the art that I like.

It’s like this letter from Tom Dickins of The Jane Austen Argument.  Piracy is almost essential to keep independent artists like Tom going.  Piracy is actually what led me to TJAA in the first place.  Pirated copies of The Dresden Dolls’ albums and Amanda Palmer’s solo album led to following her career which led to actually purchasing Goes Down Under, falling in love with Bad Wine and Lemon Cake and then paying more than asking price for everything TJAA and Tom have put out since then.  And really, the only reason I’m not at their gigs all the time is because I live in the wrong fucking country.

I really think that I shouldn’t have to pay (much) to sample music I may or may not like.  That’s the only reason I ever downloaded songs way back when I did such things.  I’d grab a handful of tracks off an album I was considering purchasing, and if I liked what I heard, I’d (gasp!) go buy a fucking CD!  One of the things I love about Bandcamp is the ability to sample the tunes before laying out the dough.

Movies are a bit different, I think, and I’m not much of a movie buff.  In fact, I dislike most movies, and explosions can only save but so much.  Still, I don’t see why it can’t work the same way.  Watch a movie for free, really really like it and go buy the DVD/Blu-Ray/laser imprint to your brain!

Books?  Hmm.  Books?  Why the fuck would you pirate a book when libraries exist? I can’t read too long on a computer screen anyway.  But still.  See above.  It’s why I’ve got all of my Lulu books as free .pdfs.  Read it, like it, buy a physical copy.  Hate it?  The for fuck’s sake, you shouldn’t have to pay for it!

The thing that needs to be stopped or at least gotten under control is the idiots who steal someone’s hard work and try to profit from it.  I mean, this is such an ugly, pervasive and downright fucking rude thing to do.  It’s gone so far as to taint things like Etsy.  Seriously.  Go to Etsy and search for Harry Potter.  You think every single one of those sellers has been authorized to sell that shit?  I have a serious fucking problem with that.  Okay, I have a serious fucking problem with Harry Potter, but that’s a personal issue.  But again, how do you weed out the bad without choking off the good?  I don’t know.

Like I said, I really need to read up on these bills to see what they propose to do and how before I can really converse intelligently about them.  These are just some basic rambling thoughts.  Needed to write something as I prepare to go spend silly amounts of money for a couple hours of watching a hot chick beat the shit out of people.  I hope there are explosions, too.

Not those kind.

The kind with fire.



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  1. Well ‘said’. But then as a writer I like being read and am hoping one day to be paid for that.

    I am one of those who listens to the radio – that’s how I ‘sample’ music or out at a club. Then *gasp* I head to the cheapest store and buy the CD. I never downloaded songs because I didn’t have the time when I had the bandwidth and now I have the money and due to rising costs of internet on my edge of the world I can’t afford the internet since it is monthly robbery vs just an occassional splurge (like buying stuff). Movies go on sale and I get the ones I think I’ll like. If not, I wait for it to show up on cable.

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