Day Off: the Redumption

On Monday, I felt bad about having asked for today off.  Too much work to do on a deadline, too much work in general, not enough people to do what needs to be done.  By the time I left on Wednesday, I couldn’t have given a shit if I tried.  We’re closer to being caught up than I expected, and I’m at a point where if I didn’t take a day, someone was going to get hurt.  They can get along without me.  And if they can’t, fuck it.

There’s very little banging around in my brain right now simply because I haven’t got the brain power to spare.  My creativity is like a back up battery to the main power source.  When the main power source is drained, I’ve got nothing left to draw on but the reserve of creative energy.  That’s fine.  When I can replenish both the main and reserve.  That’s been next to impossible lately.  My reading has slowed way down since August or so.  Writing is a bit of a joke at the moment.  I can deal with less reading.  Not writing is killing me.

Ray Bradbury wrote, “If you did not write every day, the poisons would accumulate, and you would begin to die, act crazy or both.”   It’s fucking true.  And I am going to have that tattooed on my shoulder before the end of next year.

I’ve written a couple poems today.  One I’m pleased with, the other not so much right now.  I was going to go to the library but stopped by a used bookstore instead and left with five books for $18.  So I just dropped off the library book.  I had planned on walking around a little park not far from the library.  I found it but couldn’t seem to locate an entrance.  It was overcast by the time I got there.  The light wouldn’t have been good for photos.  Next time.

The best part of the day so far?  Grabbing lunch from Noodles & Co.  Southwest chili mac n’ cheese.  Mmm.

And now it’s starting to feel like nap time.