Yes, I’m going to continue using variations of that title until I have the time and energy to come up with better things.  Besides, these posts really are nothing but an opportunity for me to clear out a week of random thoughts.

Every week at work gets harder.  I reach a breaking point, move past it and somehow rebound.  We all have the same conversations every day.  Supervisors and managers say, “We know it sucks.  We’re trying to fix it.  Be patient.”  No, you’re not trying to fix it.  You’re trying to come up with ways to fix it.  The solutions should be apparent at this point, and the changes need to be implemented now.  Not in February or March.  It’ll be too late then.  I’m trying now to take joy in small victories.  I made a discovery and from that discovery, figured something out.  Sadly, it means more work for me, but it also means I have answers I didn’t have a week ago.  But the powers that be are hoovering up small, struggling banks like mad without, seemingly, thinking of the back end.  It’s simple math really.  Even I can figure it out.  If you double the size of something but don’t double the size of the staff needed to maintain it, you’ve got a problem.

I’ve written all but one of the poems that were chewing on my brain.  That last is still chewing.  My brain is apparently rather chewy.  It has a rhythm and internal melody I can’t seem to follow beyond two lines.  I’ll have to just write them down and see if I can find what it wants from there.  The accompanying writing about poetry got done.  Well, the rough-rough draft.  0th draft.  It needs to be fleshed out and structured a bit better, but the ideas are on paper, and that’s a start.  I have more writing about poetry to do.

Last Sunday, I made an attempt at the experiment I’ve been wanting to do.  Equipment issues.  Audacity either couldn’t or wouldn’t recognize the headset mic when plugged into the jacks, but plugged in via USB, no problem.  Now to find a moment to do a test recording.

The first part of Red Light, the last in the long running series of stories, is up in the Piker Press this week.  Cover story, with accompanying cover art by me.  I’m really pleased with the story.  I want to do a long blog about the series but not before the final part runs at the end of the month.  I’m still working on formatting all 13 stories for a Lulu book.  By which I mean I haven’t actually opened that document for about three weeks.  I’d hoped to have it done by now, but oh well.  I meant to have it done last December, but I couldn’t get Red Light done until I stopped trying to force it to follow a path that was no longer valid.  I’ve been writing stories and poems for about 25 years now.  You’d think I know better.  Most of the time I do.  Sometimes, though, I still think I know better than the story does.  I never do.

Today is laundry day and clothes shopping day and pick up meds day and other assorted things day.  One more cup of coffee now and a few moments to try to listen to that stubborn poem.


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  1. “My brain is apparently rather chewy” is the best thing I’ve read all day. And good on you for kicking some poems out.

    I’ve only played with Audacity a little bit, but it seems good. Hope you get your hardware straightened out so you can do whatever it is you want to do.

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