My hands hurt.  I just spent way more time than I should have playing BlazBlue.  Holy shit what a fun game.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve sat down to play a PS3 game of any kind, much less a fighter.  This one is very good.  Pretty backgrounds, cool and quirky character designs and relatively easy game play.  I just mash buttons anyway.  My strategy–kill the other guy before he kills me.  One complaint–the final boss is way too fucking HARD.  Thus, my hands hurt.  Fortunately, the stupid PS3 locked up on me so I was sort of forced to put it down.

My mind hurts.  It was a hell of a week at work.  Yesterday, I skipped my lunch break and stayed until 6 and still didn’t finish everything.  Today, I had to force myself to take a lunch break and leave at 5:30-ish.  Next week will be even more fun since we’ll be short handed all week.  Thanks for that, Carrie.  Enjoy your week off.  No really.  ‘Cos I won’t be there the Monday you come back!  Sadly, I’ll only be off for two days.  Not enough but it’s all I can spare at this point.  I need to put in for my week before it’s too late.  And the other four or so days I have left.

My Muse hurts.  Other than a couple brief journal entries, I’ve done no writing this week.  And it’s not like I don’t have things I want to get down.  I meant to blog about another Polyphemus moth, a female this time, whose been in the exact same spot for four days now.  I have at least one decent picture of her but haven’t pulled it off the camera yet.  I also got my best look at the big bird whose been hanging around downtown.  Based on the not great view and on its voice, I’m pretty sure it’s an osprey.  What the hell it’s doing downtown, I have no idea.  I have a picture of it, too, but not a very good one.  I’ve got poems and stories to work on, too, but haven’t had the energy.  Maybe tomorrow.

So, ow.