Ignoring the Agenda

There are times when I look at the world and the world appears to be coming apart at the seams.  EVERYTHING begins to fall apart at once.  Husband two weeks from unemployment, goes to the doctor and ends up with an -oma on his leg.  Dermatoma, as it turns out; a hunk of fucked up scar tissue, basically; benign but the terms biopsy and -oma don’t tend to be a good combination, not on top of the pressure and depression of being laid off.  My job has gone from occasionally not worth the hassle to utterly hellish.  The lack of training is hurting my ability to do my job, and every day, I get phone calls from the field with questions they’ve already asked a dozen different people and gotten no answer on.  And, guess what, I don’t know either.  Was on the phone for ten minutes with a CSR on Friday who was beyond frustrated and said he was putting his resume out there.  And I said good, no one needs this kind of shit.

And then fucking Norway.  I mean, I don’t even know what to say.  Hurts my heart that shit like that continues and will continue to happen because some people are just fucking idiots.  No one needs to have their life stolen because of other people’s stupidity.

And Amy Winehouse.  Not familiar enough with her music to comment on that one way or the other, but it’s sad anyway.  Not surprising but still awful.  And to see on Twitter that people are making fun of what happened to her?  Wow.  But the cruelty of humans no longer shocks me.

And New York!  Here’s a happy thing!  People who love each other are allowed to get married!  The article I was reading mentioned a number of couples in their 70s and 80s.  People who’ve been together forever!  And they’re just now being allowed to make that love a legally binding contract, a privilege I never had to worry about questioning.  And in my worldview, where human is human whatever variety it is, I can’t understand why anyone would deny a group of people the ability to marry based on who they love.  As John Scalzi tweet, waiting for my marriage to fall apart; hasn’t happened.  But yay for New York, love to all those happy couples who are finally allowed to acknowledge their status legally, and the rest of the country needs to catch up.  Same sex marriage is still only legal in a handful of states.

So this weekend has ended up being about ignoring my agendas.  I have been writing, though, but the only other thing on the agenda that got done was going to see Hairspray this afternoon.  (Comp tickets from work–my job is good for some things!)  It was wonderful.  I’m not overly enthused about musicals in general, but good ones can really be fun.  This one was.

I do hate that I didn’t get to the library, but whatever.  It’ll be there some other time.  I could even go after work.  Not tomorrow.  Mondays tend to be designated go straight home and collapse into a puddle of frustrated soupy goo.

Time for dinner.  Popcorn.


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