Quick Notes

I need to make a 2011 reading list page. Actually, I need to reconfigure that section a bit.

Need to do something about all these scattered bits of poetry I have floating around. In my head as well as on paper. The clutter is beginning to annoy me.

Need to get pictures (from last week) off my camera and onto Flickr.

Need to read over short story (again) and email editor. Or the other way around, I think.

Need to start compiling stories into one file for Lulu.

Need to, oh, I don’t know — STOP WORRYING ABOUT SHIT I CAN’T CONTROL. Yeah, something like that.

This is not to mention things like laundry, cleaning, pharmacy, bill paying and all.

And one other thing — I need winter to fuck off. Not for the weekend. I mean, we’re looking at almost 60° tomorrow.  I mean for the rest of the fucking year.  I don’t want anything below, say, 68° for the rest of the year.  Fuck, I hate winter.

And now I need to go waste time by playing Bejeweled until I start seeing those stupid fucking jewels when I close my eyes and then reading until I get to the point where I can pass the rest of today asleep.

Today wasn’t exactly a good day, in case you were wondering.




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  1. I’m trying to decide if this would be better set to music or framed and hung on my wall as a mission statement.

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