Year in Books

Updated the 2010 reading list. Still working on that last one, though.

I read a lot this year. I always read a lot, but I usually don’t read this much as I’m either writing or playing on the computer. (NB: avoid games like WoW if you want to read more. It’s amazing how much free time you can find!) I hope to keep up this reading pace for 2011. I read for the same reason I write — because I have to.

More DNFs on the list this year than in years past. I should have also given up on The Eye of the Heron, but it’s a short novel, I’m stubborn and so there.

Best/favorite reads — Nova, The City & the City (which was a reread because I love it so much), Kraken, Sandman Slim, Backup, Halting State, Gateway, The Final Solution, Liquor/Prime/Soul Kitchen. I don’t list all the other Delany books simply because I love them all so much. Of these, I think Brite’s books were the most pleasant surprise (see previous post). Halting State was as well. It’s written in second person, present tense, and I didn’t think it was going to work, especially with three view point characters, but work it does, and it’s a damn fun book.

Worst reads — Well, the ones I didn’t finish, of course, as well as the two Joanna Russ books (a lengthy post in and of itself) and Callahan’s Key (not poorly written, mind you, just dull; the characters were never seriously challenged by the situation they were in. Meh.)

I look forward to another year of devouring books. Happy New Year.


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  1. I’m thinking about setting a reading goal for me in 2011. I wonder if 40 books would be a realistic goal for me???

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