Update to “This”

I tweeted to Warren Ellis how much I liked the “damage to be done” image and that I’d love to have a poster or print of it.  Expected no response, but I got one anyway saying I should tell Paul Sizer that.  So I did.  And Paul kindly emailed me a high resolution 8.5″x11″ file of my very own to print out and wallpaper my office with.  Thanks, Paul!  And thanks, Warren!

(And on a side note, I see now–not that I missed it before but now personally see–the value of social networking websites.  It’s a nice thing for fans and creators to be able to communicate this way.  Fans can let creators know how much they like stuff, and creators can do nice things for their fans.  This thought could be a giant post in and of itself, so I’m going to stop now and go damage more stuff.  I mean write.  Ah hell, actually I think I need to go to bed now.  I will do damage in/with my dreams!)



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