Progress Report

Rosetta Stone — over 10k words now and still going in fits and starts

Interface — why do I do this to myself?

Communication — printed copy on its way (finally); related — poetrySpark — call for talent closes tonight @ midnight; no idea when I’ll hear back.

Mapped — a new thing; needs to be thought out a little better and restarted because not everything needs to be in first person

Massive amounts of reading continues. I’m on book 37 for the year. I keep debating whether to do a post on what I’ve read so far or wait until the end of the year. I think I’ll wait.

Sore throat, headache, general blechiness, symptoms of harmless sinus drainage or an actual cold? Don’t know yet. A hot bath, a long nap and lots of meds seem to have it in check for now. Later, long hot shower and NyQuil and the desperate hope that the combination of those two, and maybe some chamomile tea, will equal sleep.

And now for round two with the Chinese food procured this afternoon. Yum.


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