An Update with No Updates

Been a while. I’ve had nothing to say. I’ve done very little writing lately. I’m in the ebb of my creative cycle. It’ll get back to normal, whatever that is, soon enough.

Patient Zero is now done and available for purchase or (free) download here. Nice to have that out of the way.

Rosetta Stone is moving along, finally in the right direction, I think, although it’s taken some turns I didn’t expect. That’s okay. Whatever gets it down on the page.

The defunct time travel story Gyre has sprung to new life with a bit of a different look and a new title — Retrograde. Part of my problem with time travel fiction has always been how to point the arrow of time back on itself, i.e., how to go back to the past when the logic of time suggests it’s not possible. The story was meant to play on that idea anyway, but in the writing, it didn’t quite work out. Now I have an ending that tangles the whole thing up into the mess I wanted to make of it. I haven’t gone back to writing it yet. I’d like to get through a larger chunk of Rosetta Stone before I do that.

All the poems I wrote for National Poetry Month are typed and awaiting printing/revising. I’m also contemplating another possible chapbook and have written a couple poems since April ended. This is good. Not the poems, necessarily, but that I’m writing them. I’m daily resisting the urge to pull out all of my old poetry and mining for ones that don’t suck. It’s a huge project if I do that — thousands of poems from as far back as 1988 or 1989. Not sure I’m prepared to look at my teen-angst ridden crap, but one of these days, I will.

In the meantime, I let my geek show and bought a sonic screwdriver and a bookworm. I can’t decide which is more fun.