I started April with two big projects on my plate — writing a poem a day for a month in celebration of National Poetry Month and writing a comic book script for Script Frenzy.

Well, Script Frenzy didn’t last very long at all.  I realized quickly that I’d bitten off more than I could chew, and after one day’s writing (four pages), I called it quits.  I don’t feel bad about that all at.  To continue would have made me miserable.

The poetry, on the other hand, went extremely well.  I did miss one day.  I wrote two poems the following day to make up for it.  They will sit for a while, and then I will somehow manage to produce a chapbook.  I slate that project for May.  I’ll get it started, but I don’t expect to finish it.

What I do expect for May is to finish Rosetta Stone — I could write a whole post on my current issues with this story, which aren’t really with the story itself but with my ability to write it or to write anything for that matter.  I will also finally begin to pull the Patient Zero collection together.  I think those two will be the main focus with continued work on the recalcitrant Interface and typing and hacksaw editing on 216.

Of course, I say that’s what I expect.  I have no idea what I’ll actually get, but that’s half the fun of it.