Script Frenzy and Poetry: a Progress Report

I wrote four pages of script last Friday. I’ve done no more. I found it difficult and unsatisfying. The difficulty is simply due to the fact that I’ve never tried to write a comic before, and it’s deceptively hard. The unsatisfying part is due to the fact that the Patient Zero series has been with me for nearly two years now. I only recently completed the final story, and I do not want to play in that world any more, with the possible exception of light editing that may be needed when I put together the Lulu book — a project still pending for May. Maybe one day I’ll go back to Patient Zero as a comic. Maybe I’ll try something new. I don’t think I can consider this a failure. It was an experiment with no expectations, and it just so happened not to work.

It’s sort of strange not to be beating myself up over that kind of thing.

The poetry has been going well. That’s not necessarily a comment on the quality of the poems. Most of them are decent; some of them will require flogging at some point. I have, however, written one poem every day so far.

216, a short story/novelette started some weeks ago, has been consuming my attention as far as my prose is concerned. And speaking of which, I need to get back to it.