So Much for That

Okay, so I ended up going back on my plan to blog once a week. Oops. Apparently other things came up. Or perhaps I had nothing to say, no time to say it and no reason to think that whatever I might have said was important enough to make the time. Oh well.

Time is always going to be an issue. There isn’t nearly enough of it between a full-time job, adult responsibilities, QT with the spouse, QT with myself and all my creative endeavors. That’s why I took half a day off today. It was a spontaneous decision, prompted by having absolutely nothing to do and no desire to find something to do. Allergy and sinus issues may or may not have factored in. Mostly, I just wanted to be away from work.

It’s been productive so far. Finished editing the first chapter of a novel that was submitted to Piker Press and emailed the author. It’s absolutely satisfying work but also profoundly exhausting. The only bad thing about it is that I’m doing it for free. Damn, I’d love to charge for this. I’m glad the novel is good — storywise at least. Grammar is the issue, punctuation mostly. Pacing and sentence structure need work as well, but not much. I would not have agreed to work on this if the story didn’t have some promise. As exhausting as it is, I look forward to getting into the second chapter in the next couple days.

Speaking of exhausting, I’m setting myself up for overload in April. Now that I’ve completed the Plague series, I want to attempt turning it into a graphic novel. It’s a highly visual series for me in terms of what the characters look like, what the settings look like, etc. I can’t draw. The next best thing is to write a script and find an artist. Not that I expect success in this venture, but the idea’s been on my mind for several months. Might as well take a shot.

April is also National Poetry Month. I haven’t written poetry consistently in a good long while, and I miss it. I think the lessons that can be learned from writing poetry translate very well to fiction. I should practice what I preach. Therefore, I’ll be attempting to write a poem a day for the entire month.

So, April — 30 poems to write, 100 pages of script to write, many pages of a novel to edit. I’m gonna be a bit busy. To say nothing of other things I want to do, like finish my sf trilogy, put the Plague stories together in a Lulu book and continue the rewrite of another old sf story that recently started bugging me again. Lots and lots of stuff. But I’m looking forward to all of it.